Our history

In the early ’80 the two Corradi brothers were working in a company producing painting systems at Sommacampagna (near Verona) and it’s precisely in this company that the two brothers saw for the first time a wood-burning stove with a ceramic tile covering of French-Belgian manufacture. Soon afterwards the company goes bankrupt and the Corradi brothers decide to start their own business of stoves and cookers production in their uncle’s old barn. This is how the A.R.CO. S.n.c., "Heating Appliances of the Corradi Brothers" was founded. In a few years’ time,  the company grows thanks to a market that in those years was quite receptive to that kind of proposal, the lack of competition as well as the customers' appreciation for a handmade product.

It's in 1990, after the company has moved to the premises in Via Dell'Industria 10, that the company takes flight turning from a craft business into a small industry. Here they develop new models of wood-burning stoves, thermo- and combi-cookers highly appreciated even abroad, especially in France.

In November 1993 the WEKOS S.r.l. company's trademark is established. When in 1996 the two brothers split, the A.R.CO. company winds up and WEKOS S.r.l. continues its production and marketing activity with Cesarino Corradi as managing director. In April 2001 Lorella and Annamaria join the company as partners, the first one becoming its administrative manager and the second its sales manager.

In 2006 the company moves to the current headquarters in Via Dell'Industria 18 at Sommacampagna. Here WEKOS finds it true identity: "the soul of fire".
In the same years new and fresh energies come into the company with Marica and Manuel, Cesarino’s and Lorella’s sons, aiming to meet the young customers’ tastes and needs.

Ever more convinced of the importance of wood-burning heating and in contrast with the pellet market, WEKOS steadily promotes the potential of the “hydro” products, with the creation of the LCA trademark, “wood, heat, water” (“legna, calore, acqua”), identifying thermo-stoves and cookers made with high quality materials.

This is how WEKOS, a typical family-run business, continues its activity aiming to the production of stoves and cookers with a soul, perfectly combining functionality and technology with the aesthetical taste and the pleasure of providing a quiet and true presence, the ideal atmosphere that evokes deep emotions.