Wekos - Lifesytle

sitting in front of the fire...

...for hours and hours just contemplating its warm shades of colour is a simple and mysterious  pleasure that has always been attracting man’s attention for million of years. The charming power of fire can touch with delicate strength the innermost chords of our unconscious.
Fire fears neither darkness nor cold. It has always been there offering man protection and comfort, brightening up and warming his cave. Fire is a nature’s invention conferring the same pleasure to three different life styles: singleness, company as well as family. Watching the fire induces to reflect on ourselves and on our lives, but it can also help stop the stream of our thoughts for a while. Fire has the hypnotic power to instil and radiate a sense of peace and serenity even though modern lifestyle makes it difficult for man to have time to reach peace and serenity. Therefore home becomes an oasis where we can find protection from the assaults of the frantic rhythms that life imposes on us all. Domestic hearth consolidates the family rites and strengthens the friendship relations. Watching a crackling fire, man can stop for a while all historical evolution, detaching from the present time as well as rediscovering his “being”.
Through the production of woodstoves and kitchen ranges, Wekos promotes a new lifestyle focused on man and not on material things. Both in our “Research Centre”, where a trained technical staff works to constantly improve our products and in our “Test centre” where the quality of our stoves is thoroughly checked, our philosophy aims to propose or suggest the adoption of a new way of life.
Those who choose to buy a wood stove, do it not only to enhance the thermal warmth in their homes but also to improve through a new sense of warmth their relationships with the people, the things and the world around them.
The managers of the company in Sommacampagna want their philosophy of life to inform their work and their products. That’s what makes the Wekos stoves and kitchen ranges so different and unique!