Always attentive to the Customers’ needs and tastes, Wekos offers an ever increasing number of woodstoves, thermo stoves, kitchen ranges, as well as thermo cook stoves and cooking appliances for any kind of heating or cooking requirements.
In its new facility located at Sommacampagna (Verona), Wekos takes great care in performing and checking all the production stages, from the transformation of the raw material into plates, to the soldering phase, from the assembling to the varnishing, always keeping in mind trends and details till the final step of the finishing process.
Wekos is a full-process company since the manufacturing of each item of the new collection is internally performed and taken care of, starting from its design up to its shipment.
Wekos passionately pursues its aim of providing a premium quality product: a safe, practical, functional, yet beautiful selection of stoves that turn into a great addition for any house.
The Wekos woodstoves and cook stoves will soon become the heart of your home, conferring its primordial heat as a daily life companion.